Hello there. We have an amazing Loyalty Program just for you!

Just log in and click on your account icon. Head to ‘My points’ section to understand how it works.

It’s really simple.

  1. Once you make your account, you are automatically enrolled into our loyalty program!
  2. For every Rs.100 spent on a prepaid order, you earn 3 points.
  3. 1-point equals 1 rupee.
  4. Also, as you keep accumulating points, you keep unlocking additional DISCOUNT COUPONS.
  5. The points earned can be redeemed on your next purchase.
  6. The points have a validity of 90 days and a reminder email is sent 7 days before the points expire.
  7. To check the number of points you have, just go to the account icon on the top right section of the website.
  8. The points are added within 24 hours of making a prepaid purchase

Start shopping and start earning!

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Rewards Points

Earn more Reward Points for different actions, and turn those Reward Points into awesome rewards!

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3 Reward Points for every ₹100 spent

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1 Reward Points = ₹1